Mount Bromo Volcano Tour In East Java. Mount Bromo is one of the still active volcano on the island of Java . Mount Bromo is located in the conservation area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park , the mountain is located in East Java and belongs to the district of Probolinggo , Pasuruan , Lumajang and Malang .

Bromo has a height of 2392 m above sea level and is a highly attractive tourist destination for tourists both local and foreign tourists . Although included in the district of Probolinggo , Pasuruan , Malang Lumajang and travelers but more about Mount Bromo as one of the tourist destinations in the area of Malang . This is due to the ease acces tourist facilities acquired in Malang making travelers more familiar with Mount Bromo as one of the tourist destinations in the area of Malang .

Mount Bromo Volcano Tour in East Java Indonesia

Mount Bromo Volcano East Java Indonesia

There are two things that can be enjoyed from Mount Bromo , which is its natural beauty and cultural diversity of the local population . Tengger tribe is a native of the bromo hindu religion . Tengger tribe is said according to legend is derived from the people of the kingdom of Majapahit into exile . Bromo word itself comes from ancient Javanese language ( Sanskrit ) that is Brahma who is one of the Hindu gods to the people .

Bromo natives regard as sacred mountain of Mount Bromo , every year in December or January, coinciding with the full moon ( the 15th of Javanese calendar ) bromo residents held a ritual ceremony called Yadnya Kasada or Kasodo .

At this ceremony bromo resident pleaded bountiful harvest , starting reinforcements and cure the diseases that attack people by throwing bromo crops as offerings to the crater of Mount Bromo Bromo.Banyak outsiders who came to the ceremony to take and catch offerings thrown into crater . The ceremony starts from midnight until the early hours of the temple begins at the foot of the mountain leading to the peak of Mount Bromo .

One of the most sought after tourist is now enjoying the sunrise at the peak of Bromo gunungg . People believe if the sun rises in the Mount Bromo is the first sun rise on the island of Java, so many people describe the sun that appears in Bromo is Sunrise Of Java .

Route To Mount Bromo

To reach mount bromo,your could through the Surabaya/Malang-Pasuruan-Wonokitri-Mount Bromo route or Surabaya/Malang – Probolinggo – Sukapura – Cemara Lawang – Mount Bromo route. The duration trip around 3 to 4 hours.

There are a number of guesthouses and basic hotels located around Mt Bromo. Your could take Guest House or Hotel for stay in Bromo,  for example Hotel in Ngadisari area that lies 3-4 km from the caldera rim of Mount Bromo. Or you could take other hotels in Cemoro Lawang village because it hotels situated of the caldera rim mount bromo with views directly to mount bromo.

The National Park Mount Bromo Semeru has a massive area of 10.000 square metres. The view point of Mount Pananjakan Bromo, must be visited when traveling at Mount Bromo. On this place,all visitors could seeing the beautiful sunrise and spectacular views with landscapes the row of the Mount Bromo, Mount Batok,Mount Semeru in its incredible setting.
The temperature at Penajakan View Point Mount Bromo ranges from 3 to 15 degrees Celsius and even the temperature may be under the 0 degrees Celsius in the dry season.  If you visit to this locations, you should bring a jacket, gloves and a head cover or cap.

Mount Bromo Tour Activity

Awake early in the morning, a 4WD jeep will take you driving through the misty Tengger sea of sand to Penanjakan witnessing the rise of the sun breaking the morning. Wondering the beauty of tropical rain-forest in the Bromo highland, then continue the adventure to hike up 250 steps to the caldera nearby the Hindu Temple.

Continue the journey to the dessert on the 4WD jeep. You may experience the true adventure. Make a stop to Pasir Berbisik (The Whispering Sand, movie scene), Teletubies Hill, Jamplang and then hike up to Ranu Pane village, the last shelter before hiking to Mount Semeru.

Mount Bromo Tour Offering

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