Mount Semeru Trekking Tour – Mount Semeru is the highest volcano on the island of Java and the highest number three in Indonesia after Mount Kerinci (1), and Gunung Rinjani (2). The highest peak of Mount Semeru, namely Mahameru, has an altitude of 3,676 masl and has a crater that still puffs smoke named Jonggring Saloko Crater.

Semeru Trekking Tour

Semeru Trekking Tour

Mount Semeru Trekking Tour

Semeru Mountain is located in Malang and parts of Lumajang. This mountain is also included in the Tengger mountains group and one complex with Mount Bromo. The Tengger Mountains are very large mountains in which there are many small mountains and the largest is Mount Semeru.

This highest mountain is a volcano that is still active and can erupt at any time because of that Mount Semeru is included in the dangerous mountain category. Recorded the last crater eruption in 2008. Every climber is prohibited from approaching Semeru crater because there is a dangerous gas that can kill climbers.



In addition to the danger of Mount Semeru, the very high peak of Mahameru and everything that makes the mountain difficult to climb is a piece of paradise that we can witness along the way up Mt. Semeru. From the start of our starting point to walking until our feet are stopped at the highest peak we will find an extraordinary sight.

Climbing Mount Semeru on average takes 3-4 days (until returning). The path that we will pass first is a flat lane along the forest and various savannas. And the second goes through the uphill path to the top of Mahameru.

Camp Site at Ranu Kumbolo

Camp Site at Ranu Kumbolo

The natural condition on Mount Semeru is a challenge that we really need to pay attention to. The temperature can reach 0 degrees, strong winds and hypothermia, which when I can attack plus rain which can not come at any time we really have to pay attention. Safery first we must keep in mind and one more thing that is cleanliness and naturalness of the mountain must be maintained more than ourselves. Not infrequently there are climbers who litter and damage nature. That is what makes nature angry. So keep guarding Mount Semeru because if you don’t enjoy it, who else? And follow the rules given by the climbing administrator.


The most popular mount Semeru hiking trail is the hiking trail via Ranu Pani. Ranu Pane is the closest village to the Semeru mountain area is the entrance to the semeru climb. The tracks that we are going to pass are flat tracks first because we will go along the vast forest and savanna. Then we will start walking up and down the hills. And then climb up to the highest peak of Mount Semeru “Mahameru”.



Mount Semeru Trekking Tour Package

Mount Semeru Trekking Tour Package – Climbing to Mount Semeru takes 2 days to 4 days depending on the physical abilities of each participant. SurabayaBromoTour provide a trekking package to Semeru Volcano with a choice of semeru climbing 2 days, 3 days and 4 days.

Mount Semeru Trekking Tour Price 2 Days 1 Night

1 paxIDR 7.000.000
2 PaxIDR 4.550.000/Person
3 PaxIDR 4.000.000/Person
4 PaxIDR 3.675.000/Person
5 PaxIDR 3.220.000/Person
6 paxIDR 3.100.000/Person
7 paxIDR 3.420.000/Person
8 paxIDR 3.300.000/Person
9 paxIDR 3.220.000/Person
10 paxIDR 3.150.000/Person

Mount Semeru Trekking Tour Price 3 Days 2 Nights

1 paxIDR 8.000.000
2 PaxIDR 5.460.000/Person
3 PaxIDR 4.876.000/Person
4 PaxIDR 4.585.000/Person
5 PaxIDR 3.850.000/Person
6 paxIDR 3.750.000/Person
7 paxIDR 4.050.000/Person
8 paxIDR 3.950.000/Person
9 paxIDR 3.850.000/Person
10 paxIDR 3.780.000/Person

Mount Bromo Semeru Trekking Tour Price 4 Days 3 Night

1 paxIDR 9.350.000
2 PaxIDR 6.450.000/Person
3 PaxIDR 5.750.000/Person
4 PaxIDR 5.400.000/Person
5 PaxIDR 4.650.000/Person
6 paxIDR 4.500.000/Person
7 paxIDR 4.900.000/Person
8 paxIDR 3.760.000/Person
9 paxIDR 4.655.000/Person
10 paxIDR 4.570.000/Person

* The price of bromo semeru trekking tour valid for 2019
* Price not valid for holiday weekend, high season and peak season as well as Indonesia public holidays

Climb to Mount Semeru Package Price Includes :

  • Shuttle transport from Malang / Surabaya to ranupane village
  • Entrance ticket and climbing permit
  • Tent capacity of 4 people uses only 2-3 people
  • Slepping bed and camping pillow
  • mattras and camping chairs
  • guide, porter, escort (recommendation only until kalimati)
  • Logistics (food) during climbing
  • enough mineral water

Food Menu :
white rice, fried rice, soup, fried chicken, omlet, soup, fried noodles,toast, sandwiches, hot chocolate,tea,coffee, mineral water,biskuit during trekking, fruit (melon, orange, apple, pear, pineapple, banana)

*The menu is adjusted to the length of the climb to Semeru.

Requirements Climb Semeru Mountain :

  • Healthy certificate from a doctor (valid 1 day before climbing)
  • Participant’s identity (photo copy)
  • Age limit of 10 years
  • Booking online semeru trekking maximum of 3 days before climbing

What to prepare for Mount Semeru Trekking?

Camera, Raincoat, Head cover , Good grip shoes, Sun cream, Warmest clothes, Mask, Glove, Flash Light, Any personal medicine

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