Surabaya Bromo Ijen Tour Package 3 Days 2 Nights is a favorite trip in eastern Java for foreign tourists because this tour package is devoted to a visit to a volcano that has its own distinctive beauty. Moreover, to reach the location of the mountain must climb and explore with natural nuances. Here is 3d2n trip to surabaya bromo ijen crater tour.

Surabaya Bromo Ijen Tour Package 3 Days 2 Nights

Surabaya Bromo Ijen Tour 3 Days 2 Nights

Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater is an active volcano in East Java Indonesia. Going to Mount bromo is 4 hours driving from Surabaya and ijen crater 6-7 hours driving from Surabaya. In the city of Surabaya there are international airport and railway station, then surabaya city is the right location to start the trip to bromo and ijen for 3 days 2 nights.

Activities During Tour Bromo Ijen

Activities in Bromo

Awake early in the morning, a 4WD jeep will take you driving through the misty Tengger sea of sand to Penanjakan witnessing the rise of the sun breaking the morning. Wondering the beauty of tropical rain-forest in the Bromo highland, then continue the adventure to hike up 250 steps to the caldera nearby the Hindu Temple.

Continue the journey to the dessert on the 4WD jeep. You may experience the true adventure. Make a stop to Pasir Berbisik (The Whispering Sand, movie scene), Teletubies Hill, Jamplang and then hike up to Ranu Pane village, the last shelter before hiking to Mount Semeru.

Mount Bromo Tour offers extended packages from Bali, Surabaya and Yogyakarta. We also offers extended stay and activities.

Activities in Ijen

Ijen trekking starts early morning from your hotel to go to Paltuding (trekking point), and began to track up for about 1.5 hours. During ramp up, we can see the activities of sulfur miners when they carrying sulfur from the crater bottom and bring it to the slope of Mount Ijen. After exploring the beautiful Ijen we will go back to your hotel.

If you realy want to visit the Ijen Plateau and are interested in what it has to offer, environmentally and historicaly, you need to spent more than one night.

VIsit Blawan Waterfall

The water falls 30 meters. From a distance, you can see the different colours; some of the water comes from a sulphurous spring that flows from Kalipahit, making the water a murky brown. When it meets cool clear water to form a mountain stream, the colour difference is striking, making the waterfall truly unique. Water from the river Pahit flows with such a brute force, that the water hurtles down. It is impossible to see the ‘end’, because a water fog blocks your sight. Hot water with sulphur boils out of the soil near the river Pahit as well as near the waterfall, sometimes resulting in small waterfalls flowing to the Blawan waterfall.


A lot of heat is leaving the area of Kawah Ijen and the Ijen Plateau, through both the lake and hot springs. Temperatures of up to 225 degrees Celcius were measured in the fumarole-solfatara of the crater lake. The heat flow from the solfatara area is estimated to be ten times as large as the heat flow from all the hot springs together in the Ijen Plateau. There are 12 springs recorded in the area, most of them in the Blawan area. The Blawan springs are probably fed from a source directly below. The water that reaches the surface has a temperature of around 40 to 50 degrees Celcius. The springs produce relatively dilute (compared to the crater lake, diltue means that the total amount of dissolved solids in the water is low, like iron and magnesium) and neutral pH (6.4) water.


At your own pace and according to your own interest walking throughng to the coffee plantation Blawan? If you spent an extra day at the Ijen Plateau you have at least some time to inhale the amazing scenery. Especially in the morning, when the sun is not yet at it’s highest point, views are terribly dramatic and colours are still bright and fresh. You have the opportunity to see people at work in de plantation, in the vegetable fields or in the coffee greenhouses.


Civet or luwak coffee is coffee that has passed the intestines of the mongoose or palm civet. It is believed that those coffee beans have a different taste compared to regular coffee. Although this coffee is known for a long time in Southeast Asia, it only became widely known after publications in the 1980′s. Civet coffee is the most expensive coffeee in the world.

The origin of Kopi Luwak is closely connected with the history of coffee production in Indonesia. In early 18th century the Dutch established the cash-crop plantations in their colony in the Dutch East Indies islands of Java and Sumatra. During the era of Cultuurstelsel (1830—1870), the Dutch prohibited the native farmers and plantation workers to pick coffee fruits for their own use. Soon the natives learned that certain species of musang or luwak (Asian Palm Civet) consumed these coffee fruits, yet they left the coffee seeds undigested in their droppings. The natives collected these Luwak’s droppings. Cleaned, roasted and grinded it to make a coffee beverage. The fame of aromatic civet coffee spread from locals to Dutch plantation owners and soon became their favourite. Yet because of its rarity and unusual process, the civet coffee was even in colonial times expensive.

Itinerary Mount Bromo Ijen Tour From Surabaya 3D2N

Day 1: Surabaya – Bromo Hotel
The tour program start Pick up at Surabaya Airport and transfer to Hotel in Bromo. After arrival in Bromo (Cemara Lawang Village), Check in Hotel and stay overnight. Free program.

Day 2 : Penanjakan View Point – Mount Bromo – Sempol Village (Ijen Area)
Wake up early and start tour at 03:00 by Jeep 4WD toward mount penanjakan view point the sunrise mount bromo duration trip around 30 minutes from hotel, after finish enjoying sunrise bromo and continue the trip to the sea of sand Mount Bromo by jeep. Arrive in parking area, by foot or a riding horse toward the top of Mount Bromo. After finish enjoying Bromo Crater from near, back to parking jeep and transfer back to the hotel for breakfast, showering and loading your bags.
Heading to sempol Bondowoso (Ijen Area) for overnight, Check in hotel and free program.

Day 3: IJEN TOUR (Blue Fire & Lake Crater) – TRANFER OUT
Early morning at 1 am Check out and and left the hotel to take a short drive from guest house to the paltuding post (Location started trekking to peak of Ijen crater). Trekking up to get to peak of Ijen crater around 3 hours go and back. At the top of Mount Ijen in addition to enjoying the beauty blue fire and lake of Ijen crater also will view how hard working locals carrying full loaded sulphur material from ijen crater with bamboo baskets that weigh 70 – 80 kg, up and down the crater edge. Finished this trip , transfer back to Surabaya or Ketapang Ferry Port in Banyuwangi Or Bali. End of service.

Surabaya Bromo Ijen Tour Package Price 3 Days 2 Nights

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Cost of Surabaya Bromo Ijen Tour 3D2N Includes :

  • Transport Ac Standart Tourism (APV/Avanza/ELF/Pregio)
  • Accommodation Hotel 1 night in Bromo
  • Accommodation Hotel 1 night in Ijen
  • Jeep Tour to Bromo (Penanjakan View Point + Bromo Crater)
  • Breakfast
  • Local Guide in Ijen
  • Bromo Ijen entrance fee
  • Mineral Water

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